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The South of Downtown Area (Sodo) is growing rapidly and now you have a new reason to visit – Vanbarry’s Public House. Coming from the same owners of two wildly successful establishments - Finn Henry’s and Ollie’s – Vanbarry’s is the “offspring” of the two.

The environment at Vanbarry’s is super casual and relaxed. If you sit on the covered patio you have a good view of the lake nearby. There’s also a sandy fire pit area which is relaxing and fun at night. The menu is similar to Ollie’s menu (sandwiches, salads, flat-breads) with a few change-ups and the bar is full service with a good choice of drafts as well as some specialty cocktails. You also will always get a jar of their pickles to snack on. A couple nights a week there is live music to enjoy, it should also be mentioned that the entire staff is very friendly and helpful! Be sure to stop in soon.


April is historically the best month of the year to sell your home.  As you proceed through the process of selling your Orlando house; you’ve made the decision to sell, interviewed agents and asked the right questions, and determined which agent is right for the job.  Now we have reached the 4th and final part of the Selling Your Home Series and we must settle on a price.

Most of the time you will select a price at the time you hire the agent.  We bring all the facts and figures to our appointments so we can get things going as soon as possible.  Ultimately the listing price is up to you as the seller…it is your house after all.  But you are hiring an agent (hopefully us!) to guide you and get your home sold.

A HUGE part of whether or not your home will sell is determined by the price you choose.   As a Downtown Orlando real estate professional, I deal with pricing homes and negotiating offers on a daily basis.  I know what price will cause a home to sell and it may not always be the number you want to hear.  Don’t hire someone just because they tell you the price you want to hear.   As I stated before, hire the right agent for the job and listen to their advice and have them explain their analysis.

PriceitrightIf you overprice your home, it will sit on the market until you reduce the price.  Many sellers think buyers will just make an offer if they like it.  But the fact is, if they feel it is overpriced, they will look for something else.


Here’s an example:

Let’s say the agent suggest a price of $250,000 because the market range is between $230-$250k but your home has some features and we feel it could sell for the top of the market.  (Read more about how I price homes at the post titled The Art of Pricing a Home)

But you elect to price the house at $275,000.

That means you’re potentially 16% above the other houses for sale or that have recently sold in the area.  You have to ask yourself – if you were buying a home would you pay 16% more for the same type of house? 

*And a normal housing market appreciation is about 3-5% per year.  If you’re 16% overpriced, and you don’t want to reduce the price, you’ll likely be trying to sell for years.


Consider this; a marketing plan consists of 4 points, Product, Place, Promotion, and Price.   In real estate, Product and Place often times cannot be changed.  If you hire a good agent like me, promotion will be done properly!  BUT it’s up to you and the agent to determine the right price to get the home sold.

Spring is a great time of year to make a move.  Call us today to learn more about how we sell homes 407-494-2820!


Did you know that the downtown Orlando area has it’s very own 50 acre botanical heaven? You can’t tell from the road, but the Harry P. Leu Gardens is vast with many different gardens, trees and species of wildlife. Leu Gardens is also home to the historic Leu House which holds history dating back to the 1800′s (you can tour it!). Once a month the Gardens host a Date Night with a feature movie. Date nighters can bring their own chairs, blankets and picnic baskets (alcohol allowed). The admission for the event is $6 and includes access to the gardens (normally $10).

The next Date Night is Friday, May 2nd. The movie that will be screening is “A Street Car Named Desire”. The gardens open at 6 with the movie starting at 8:30. If you don’t want to bring your own dinner, Dixie Land Food Truck will be at the event serving up some noms’.

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Farm-to-table is all the rage and there’s a super cool joint in Winter Park serving up local deliciousness. B&B Junction crafts specialty burgers using high quality local food. B&B works with local farms to use organic produce, grass-fed hormone and antibiotic free beef, free-range all natural antibiotic hormone free poultry, fresh seafood and naturally raised pork. They also bake all their own breads and buns! There’s a lot of  great sides to choose from (the sweet potatoe fries and fried pickles are just way too good), an assortment of desserts (the gluten free chocolate cake is right on the money) and craft beers to pair with your burger.

B&B is located in Winter Park on Fairbanks and Formosa and  has a super relaxed environment. The staff is incredibly friendly & welcoming. Read more about their philosophy on food!



Hey foodies! This one’s for you.  Winter Park will be holding it’s annual Taste of Winter Park this Wednesday, April 16th. Get your all inclusive ticket and enjoy unlimited samples from 40 of Central Florida’s top chefs, bakers, caterers and confectioners for an exciting night at the Winter Park Farmers’ Market.

The event will have live entertainment as well as raffle prizes. don’t miss out!





Authentic french fare may be one of the harder food groups to come by in Orlando, luckily Benjamin Frech Bakery exists! Not only can you get delicious, hand made pastry wonderfulness – you can also stop in for breakfast or lunch! The breakfast menu features croissant sandwiches and omelets, while the lunch menu features sandwiches made with baguettes, fresh salads, and the ever so popular quiches. Don’t forgot to add on a few macaroons to your order!

Benjamin French Cafe is located in the Thornton Park neighborhood at 716 E. Washington. The cafe is open Monday – Sunday but the hours very, so be sure to check the website.


At this point in the Selling Process (Our Selling Series) you have made the decision to sell your home, you have interviewed agents and are determining who you will list your home with.


Choosing an agent is one of the most important parts of the process.  This decision will determine which path you take to sell your home.  There are a few things to consider when selecting an agent:

4 Don’ts

  1. Don’t select an agent just because you are friends with them!
  2. Don’t select an agent just because they are your neighbor!
  3. Don’t select an agent because they promise to reduce their commission (If they are a full service agent you have to ask the questions…Are they going to do less work for me? And/or Do they not value their time and expertise?)
  4. Don’t select an agent because they tell you that your home is worth more than another agent!

4 Do’s

  1. Do hire an agent that has a marketing plan to sell your house.
  2. Do hire an agent that has a track record of selling homes similar to yours.
  3. Do hire an agent that has a history of getting top dollar. (Ask agents what percentage of the asking price they get for their sellers on average and how does that stack up to the “average” agent in the area)
  4. Do hire an agent that supports the market value they are suggesting for you with comparable home sales that are truly comparable AND that have actually sold.

You should select the agent that you feel is the best for the job and that can have a variety of meanings.  You want someone you will feel comfortable working with.  At the moment, the average time on the market in Orlando is 76 days.  Depending on your location it could take longer.  This is someone you should be in constant communication with; so you should feel comfortable with them as a person.  And you should also feel they have the market knowledge and a true marketing plan to sell your home effectively.

Don’t hire an agent just because they told you what you wanted to hear.  Not all agents are alike, pricing a Downtown Orlando home or determining market value is an art not a science.

Bottom Line – Find someone that knows the market well and has a strategy to sell your home, then you can work on pricing it right with their guidance!

We would love to interview for the job to sell your Orlando home.  Contact us today at 407-494-2820 

Image Credit:  Crazy parking Arrows by Roland Tanglao via Creative Commons


This one is fun for the whole family! The Spring Fiesta in the Park is in it’s 25th year at Lake Eola. The lake is already a fun weekend spot and this weekend will be no exception. The fiesta includes live entertainment, a kids area (complete with inflatable fun), and over 200 arts and crafts booths with original work from around the country. The event will also have food and drink vendors, and is pet-friendly. The fiesta is a great way to kick off spring in Central Florida, and oh yeah – it’s free to attend!

The Spring Fiesta in the Park is April 5th & 6th from 10am-6pm. Check the website for additional information.

We just read over at the Orlando Weekly that one of Orlando’s favorite taco joints is helping out local non-propfit, Zebra Coalition by donating 15% of all proceeds to them today! This is what community is all about, collaborating and supporting your neighbor.

Tako Cheena has some of the best tacos you will ever taste, who knew that Asian and Mexican food melded so well together? Apparently they did, and they do it better than anyone else. For April 2nd only, Tako Cheena will be donating 15% of all sales to the Zebra Coalition. Zebra Coalition does amazing things for the LGBT youth in the Central Florida community by providing helpful services and a safe place. Get your nom’ on and support a good cause!198206_209141909098704_5974839_n


One of the coolest things that happens in Orlando every year is the Florida Film Festival . Now in it’s 23rd year, FFF is an Oscar-qualifying festival that spans over 10 days with 170 movie selections, fabulous parties and celebrity mingling across multiple venues. The festival kicks off April 4th and ends on the 13th. The Orlando Weekly featured some of the most anticipated films, parties and forums that will be taking place. Be sure to purchase tickets soon!

*Image take from floridafilmfestival.com


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