Go Local Wednesday- Beefy King

Beefy King49 years and counting! that’s how long this local sandwich joint has been wowing Orlando lunchers.BeefySign.png

Dating back to 1968 Freeman and Margaret Smith soon enough became known for their steamed hot and fresh roast beef sandwiches, Three generations later and a lot of happy customers it’s no surprise they’ve walked away with Orlando Sentinel 13th Annual Foodie Award. aboutawardsimage (1)

My partner has been in love with Beefy King and I’ve been very skeptical about roast beef (Bad experience that involved me as a kid and a fast-food chain). Well I took the leap of curiosity and trusted the word of mouth that this place was a must. screenshot-beefyking.com 2017-06-21 16-37-33.png

Of course I had to get a traditional Roast Beef sandwich with cheese lettuce and coleslaw on a kaiser roll and I kid you not…. it was gone in less than 3 minutes. Hot, flavorful, and very filling, If I were a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers I’d order two for sure.

If you find the opportunity to stop by for a quick bite to eat I would so recommend it!.

Check out their menu here

Email me your experience or any local recommendations you may have! Admin@thinklivebe.com




I never think ahead of the game, sometimes its the hunger being impatient for the right angle, so food photo is credit to beefyking.com!**

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? -Juice Orlando Bike Share

Have you ever seen those orange bikes all over Orlando and wondered if all these people just happened to buy their bike from the same supplier?


Maybe you haven’t but I did question why I was constantly seeing the same colored bikes and then I encountered a rack of the same orange bikes at Lake Eola. Turns out it was a bike share program called “Juice”. BRILLIANT!


Juice is a program in Central Orlando that consists of CycleHop and Social Bicycles that allows for individuals over the age of 18 to reserve, rent, ride, and return.

Outlining a very large perimeter of Downtown Orlando and neighboring communities (approx 185 miles worth of bike lanes); Juice allows you to ride from one side of town to the other side and provides bike hub stations where you can lock up and continue on with your day.


Giving a boost to how we commute within our City Beautiful, Juice promotes health and gets us out there to really explore the streets of Orlando and all the beautiful historic homes within without having to store a bike! (Great for those that don’t necessarily have the storage needed.)



You can download the app “Social Bicycles” and there you have access to a map of Orlando that shows you where and how many bikes are locked up at one of the 25 Hub stations they currently have to offer! Within the app you also have a GPS tracker thatdevices will track your distance and keep your routes stored within so you can always go back and see what parts of Orlando you have yet to explore!

With membership options to pay as you ride (8$ an hour), $15 a month for a free hour per day or for students yearly at $60 for a free hour per day; There’s options for those cute date nights (hint hint), Solo cruises down the cobble brick roads of Delaney Park, or just wanting to get some daily exercise in.

Get out there and get riding! If you post a video of you on a share bike and tag #ThoseOrangeBikes I won’t give you anything (yet) but it’ll let me know someone’s reading this far into my blog posts and it’ll get your friends in the know of their existence!

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Go Local Wednesday- Maxine’s on Shine

If you’re in the looks for a nice spot to relax, unwind, and enjoy some great wine with fantastic chef inspired foods all while looking at artwork created by Orlando’s finest locals….well Maxine’s on Shine is my place!


I took a night out with my partner and I just wish someone were there to stop me from ordering… Drunken Mussels, Bruschetta, and Cheese Cigars for my apps. A skillet Lasagna ordered for myself and the Rib-eye ordered by my partner. Topped off with 3 glasses of our servers recommendation  Arroba, Sonoma 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (beers are available) and the daily in house dessert of the night Key Lime pie made in house…. I told you I needed someone to stop me from my very delightful, filling mistake. ha!


Maxine’s on Shine offers an elegant, cool, uniquely minimal vibe.

Live music that suits the atmosphere, Unique art work displayed on the walls, and delicious plates that can and will pair nicely with one of the many glasses or bottles of wine offered.

This hot spot has Dinner (5-10p) and Brunch (Sat 10a-3p Sun 10a-5p). They do require reservations and I would so recommend making one. It’s a bit of a dressier establishment to dine at for dinner but the experience and ambiance requires it, so here’s your excuse to put on that special dress with those heels ladies!

Check out their menu you here, make your reservation and send me an email with how it went! admin@thinklivebe.com. It allows me to help build testimonials for the local establishment and also tells me that someone is reading this far into my blog posts!

photos provided via 

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? – Orlando Science Center Events


The Orlando Science Center opened their doors in 1960 and focused on displaying the science and discoveries in the anthropology world with an interest on the natural history of Florida and the Caribbean basin.


3 years from their 60th anniversary the Science Center has definitely broaden their exhibit and have brought on crowds of interested artist and scientists alike.

Working strongly with the STEM program of Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics for students of our current and future generations the future of the Science Center and Planetarium look incredibly bright.

The Orlando Science Center holds events of all interests almost daily, you can check out their list of events by either googling “The Orlando Science Center Events” or checking out there websites event calendar here.

Tonight they have a great event going on at 9:00 p.m. for the Pink Floyd Laser show that I am very very tempted to explore myself. (Big Dark Side of the Moon fan) Tickets are available here.

Laser Floyd

With many other events that may be of interest to you it doesn’t hurt to check it out, bring your spouse/partner/friend, make it a family night with the kids, or be me and go solo. Send me an email with your experience, I’d love to hear them!




(my email: Admin@thinklivebe.com)


Photo Credits: 
https://omsi.edu/calendar/laser-pink-floyd-the-dark-side-of-the-moon http://drclue.com/orlando-science-center/


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Monday Market Report – 3 Tips to Sell Your House NOW

3 tips to sell now

We are entering the summer months and in the real estate industry that means moving season.  It only makes sense that most people choose to move during the summer while the kids are out of school or they have vacation and long weekends.

To take advantage of the group of MOTIVATED buyers who want to be in a new home in Downtown Orlando by the end of August you need to get your home on the market ASAP.  Here are the top three tips to getting your home sold while the selling season is hot.

  • List in June
    • If you put your home on the market before the end of June you will have enough time to procure one of the buyers who need to move for the school season which starts back up on August 14th (Orange County, FL schools).
  • Take one week to prepare the home for sale
    • Staging your home can go a long way in ensuring your home is selected over the competition.  I prepare a staging plan for all occupied homes to help you identify what to repair and what to pack and move out of the house to make sure it appeals to the mass market.  Making sure it shows the best from day one will ensure serious buyers don’t hesitate over a minor fix.
  • Price it Right!
    • You may be tempted to list a little higher than the comparable sales suggest.  It is only natural to want to earn the most money possible.  Many sellers want to price a little high and negotiate down because the Downtown Orlando real estate market is so hot.  And the fact is that you actually earn more money in a seller’s market if you price close to market value.  Keep your price to within 5% of our suggested value to ensure you sell to the motivated buyers over the summer.

Ready to sell?  Call me today at 407-494-2820 or contact us to learn more.

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Who says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando?- The Great Escape Room Orlando

The Great Escape Room located at 23 1/2 South Magnolia Ave. in the heart of downtown, Orlando is a great place to round up some friends and put your thinking caps on.

This location is the first of it’s chain and according to tripadvisor.com it is proven to be a favorite around town.

With three story plots/rooms to choose from your group is given a story to solve and the head gamer starts you off with one hint (if they’re nice)  and then the door is shut and locked behind them.

It is now your teams mission to find riddles and clues throughout the room and put your minds together to get out before the clock ticks 00:00 and the world comes to an end! (at least for one of the rooms that’s how the story goes).

As easy as that may sound some rooms have less than a 20% escape rate, the easiest claiming to have a 35% escape rate, Let’s be honest…. I thought I had the wittiest mind alive and I heroically failed at escaping my room.

So choose your team wisely and take on this challenge, no matter how far in the room you get it’s always an accomplished feeling when you’re leaving with great company!

I’d love to hear how some adventures went! Feel free to share with us and as always I am open to ideas on what to do in Orlando. Until next time on Who says There’s Nothing to do in Orlando!

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? – Volcano Bay

With plans being created in the summer of 2015 we can finally announce the opening of a new theme park attraction in the Orlando area.

Universals water park Volcano Bay has officially opened it’s gates!


Located at 6000 Universal Blvd this park cannot be missed when driving on Interstate 4. Replacing Universals previous claimed park ‘Wet n’ Wild’, Volcano Bay is proclaimed as the first constructed by Universal Orlando itself.

The park consists of a 15+ exhilarating rides spread throughout 4 themed areas.. Wave Village, River Village, Rainforest Village, and “Krakatau” which is the very very large Volcano that you may be able to see.


I don’t think I will be making the grand opening weekend but I will be sure to come back with photos and updates on what rides are a must and what rides can wait for the second time around if the line is just to long the first.

Have a great Memorial Weekend my friends! As always I am always open to conversation and ideas!


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