Go Local Wednesday- Lake Eola Farmers Market

Located in the heart of Orlando Lake Eola is an incredible have for this City Beautiful. With many events that go on surrounding the lake, one event that I’d like to shine light on would be the Farmer’s Market that is held on the Eastern part of the lake.


The Lake Eola Farmers’ Market has more than just your locally grown produce and plants. Held every Sunday (weather permitting of course) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you and your friends/family have plenty of time to explore the dozens of shops set-up.

I just recently took a visit with my family and my mother was IN LOVE with every table we walked past. Like a child in a candy store my mother insisted to touch everything and speak to every person behind a stand. Truthfully it was very enjoyable to hear the history of what is made by our local artists.

We spent 15 minutes speaking with a gentleman that made jewelry out of recycled glass. did you know that one pendant took nearly 3 weeks, day in and day out, in a rock tumbler to give the pendant its smooth curved edges? One pendant!

From artist paintings and handcrafted jewelry to live music in the center of the market this market offers a great time and so much more!

Go check it out this Sunday, my recommendation… go on an empty stomach because there’s at least 25 stands with mouth-watering goodness that is made by Orlando’s local chefs. (Another recommendation… get the char grilled corn on the cob, I’ll see you in line!)



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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? -Free Concert!

Special announcement! Who’s feeling “bad to the bone”? Maybe you “Drink Alone”. Well “Move it on Over” because George Thorogood and the destroyers  are performing a FREE CONCERT tomorrow May 20th in Downtown Orlando on Orange Avenue, Just in front of City Hall.


Presented by 98.9 WMMO and Bud light this is an incredible event to attend to enjoy company and some great classic rock tunes in the heart of Orlando. Gates open at 4pm, I’ll see you there!


For more information click here. Need help parking click here. 

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Go Local Wednesday- Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Need to get some shoes repaired? Well unfortunately Hanson’s is not the place for you.

Located in Downtown Orlando on 27 E Pine St, Hanson’s was established by Andrew Hanson in 1894 in what is said to be the oldest standing building in Orlando (built in 1883!). Hanson’s did indeed take off as the local shoe repair shop with the first ever electric OPEN sign! but over time the establishment shifted and changed and now we have what is a local bar that has been raved upon in my little circle of friends.poi_gallery_image-image-4a8ec449-6720-4fb2-93f3-45f4ba4e091c

Stay warned Hanson’s is not your typical downtown bar! Should have taken the name of the establishment as a clue, but none-the-less I recently took a trip into this mystery of a sweet spot and was dumbfounded when I got to the door and the doorman requested for a “password”. Of course! A speak easy! (Side note: I did have to call the establishment to make a “reservation” a.k.a get the password, with being a smaller establishment it’s understandable that they limit the number of participants)

Now realizing that this bar is a speak easy I understood the strange route it took to get to the front door. Up the stairs that are located through the downstairs establishment you follow a hall way up some small steps to a door. At this door is where they request the password and once given you proceed into a candle lit bar area with a single bar and (at the time of my visit) 2 bartenders.


Once seated I was greeted and given a run down on what the deal is with the uniqueness of the establishment. I ordered my hand crafted cocktail and watched as the barista muddle the mint for my 1920’s inspired cocktail. Unfortunately photography is not permitted in the establishment so i decided to skip on snapping a photo of my beverage before I cheers’d with my partner and enjoyed the atmosphere for the evening. 774124_589658464384490_773843689_o

Overall this place was a sweet place to explore for a quiet night in downtown Orlando. I would so recommend taking a great friend to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that speak easy’s were desired for! Let me know what drink you chose and p.s if you take the drink on the back patio you can take a sweet photo there, unfortunately my drink was gone before I decided to check outside out, oops!


All photos are NOT mine! You can see them here (:



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Who Says There’s Nothing To Do In Orlando? – Leu Gardens

One of Florida’s most treasured gardens is located right in our backyard!

Harry P. Leu Gardens is located minutes away from downtown and is a must visit for you and your family! with over 50 acres of immaculate botanical flowers and trees, Leu Gardens has over 40 diverse plant collections from all around the world and YES you can absolutely smell every flower you walk past.


Photo Source: Kayla Boundy


I took a visit to the Gardens with my partner recently and we got to see first hand the historic 1880 home that is located in the heart of the gardens…I really don’t have words to describe the features this home brought to the surrounding scenery but I couldn’t take enough pictures of this one house!


Photo Source: Leu Gardens

Donated to the city of Orlando by Mr. Harry P. Leu and his wife Mary Jane in 1961 this historic garden is meant to show you the appreciation of our natural beauty and botanical wonders that cover the world. Opened daily 9am-5pm it’s definitely somewhere I would recommend spending an entire day at, it’s worth every minute and every photo!

Find me talking myself out of attempting to climb the large bamboo trees!! which are MY FAVORITE. What’s your favorite?


Photo Source: Kayla Boundy

Quick disclaimer to the audience…it is highly frowned upon to climb anything in the gardens I wouldn’t recommend attempting.

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Go Local Wednesday-Blue Bird Bake Shop

Located in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando on Corrine Drive  Blue Bird Bake Shop is the spot to visit when your sweet tooth decides to kick in. With specialties in  made from scratch cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and scones you’re bound to find your go to sweet.

blue bird

Pictured left: Sweet Cake, Pictured right: Tuxedo

Our buyer consultant Reanna recommended I try this mouth watering goodness and I can’t believe I just set the new world record in eating a cupcake… less than .00001 seconds. crazy.

I had the sweet cake cupcake (pictured below) which by flavor profile consists of gold and magic but in actuality it’s  a vanilla cupcake with white chocolate chips, that surprise you at first bite, topped with vanilla buttercream icing and sprinkled with white nonpareils.


Having the title of “Award-winning cupcakes, coffee, and more bakery in Orlando, Florida” Blue Bird Bake Shop was a new find that I will definitely be sharing to the world at every moment possible. What’s your favorite sweet?

Source: Self indulgence and BlueBirdBakeShop.com – Voted Best Cupcakes in Orlando, Florida – Orlando Bakery and Coffee Shop

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Who Says There’s Nothing To Do In Orlando?

With the Florida heat coming sooner than later it’s always best to plan trips ahead of time. Especially if your trip consists of enjoying Florida’s natural springs and wildlife at Wekiva Spings State Park.

Sand Lake

Only a 20 minute drive from the heart of Downtown Orlando, Wekiva is a great spot to take the family and soak up the Florida Sunshine!

With a rental shop located on site you can enjoy the springs on a canoe, kayak, or inner tube as well as swimming in the clear waters with the option to partake in a scuba dive if you are certified to do so (certify here).


Thirteen miles of trails gives you plenty of ground to cover for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.  With an option to stay at the full facility campground in their primitive camping area you can turn this 1 day trip into a full fledged mini weekend vacay or simply enjoy a picnic with the family at one of the many covered sites for the day.

This is a very popular park, particularly in the summer. Take advantage of the “local” time we have before the crowds of families from out of state enjoy the Florida sunshine themselves on their summer vacations.

Catch me in the shallow end!

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Go Local Wednesday- Pom Pom’s Teahouse

I enjoy trying new places and exploring locally owned food shops, so becoming a regular at any particular establishment is usually rare for me. Of course there’s that one place I do consistently fuequent and it’s a place I can never get enough of….Pom Pom’s Teahouse.


Thailand Native and founder Pom Moongauklang opened Pom Pom’s to utilize her skills of flavor combinations and to create an enviroment that welcomed all to have a place of peace, laughter, and a full belly. Located off of Bumby Just north of the 408, Pom Pom’s is a phenominal teahouse and sandwicheria known for their specially crafted sandwiches on a variety of fresh breads as well as their loose-leaf steeped teas that you can have served up hot or chilled.

If I may recommend, my go to menu item at Pom Pom’s is the  ‘Mama Ling Ling’s Thanksgiving’ sandwich. Served on your choice of sour dough, seeded rye, pumpernickle, or whole wheat, this sandwich is stacked high with hand sliced turkey, sliced gouda,  dense and flavorful stuffing (almost as good as grandma’s!), cranberry chutney, mashed potatoes, cream cheese, all with a side of Mama Ling Ling’s delicious gravy. I usually enjoy my sandwich with their sweented chilled  Lavendar tea that they steep to perfection for me!

So if you haven’t been blessed with the mouth watering goodness Pom Pom’s has to offer I suggest scheduling an appointment in the near future of your busy life and let me know how it goes!

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