Who Say’s There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando? – Big City Hunt


Great for groups of 10, 2 and anything in between Big City Hunt is a fun event for a group of friends or the family,

Big City Hunt coordinates a scavenger hunt through the small charm’s of International Drive and consists of 20+ challenges and approximately  2 hours of adventure time. The hunt has no official start time or limited availability and is guided via your smart phone.

Taking you through sights of the Orlando Eye, Wonderworks, Pirate’s Cove and so much more you’ll learn some history of old I-Drive and it’s attractions and have the chance to show off your abilities to solve some tricky riddles.

Grab your sunscreen, hat, and your best tourist get up to explore International Drive. Afterwards grab some dinner or drinks at one of the 60+ restaurants along I-Drive. (As recommendation from self Chuy’s on I-Drive is a must stop of some delicious authentic Mexican food)

If you need an extra person for your scavenger hunt send me an email! I’d love to join you and your group! details here

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photo cred: Orlando Sentinel

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Thursday’s Tip- Staging a Small Living Room

Staging a home is a cost-effective way to show a home in it’s best light, here are some tips on how you can shine that light for a smaller living room. 

Not many people have the vision of a professional interior designer…and I sure as gold don’t have the knowledge it takes to become an interior designer over night. Though with enough interest and the power of my design magazines and google I went into a hiatus of some staging tips that I can share with you in our Thursday Tip post! 

Make the room useful by using less furniture

Filling a room just to fill a room will only cause the room to feel cramp and small. Spacing furniture out and leaving open floor will

One: leave more room to walk through and

Two: Visually the room will appear roomier 

Furniture in room_Staging.jpgExtra note: I love the mirror replacing the picture as the walls main center piece, this allows for  even more space to come into the room visually and has now become the soul of the room (Soul of room = Focal Point) 

Minimal is ideal 

Having knick knacks and personal photos on your living room shelves are great, and by no means should the anniversary photo of you and your loved one go in a storage box.

Though some knick knacks can add to the decor of the room some, such as my sisters Disney figurine collection, will just create a cluttered space. 

Try to continue the living area space with the idea of less is more. Creating elements of light and reflection (mirrors) are great for small rooms. 

knick knacks on shelf_StagingThis mantle has been minimized and follows suite with the odd numbers staging rule. 

As a final note,

Move things around

Most people have a basic idea of arranging furniture in a living room,

“The couch goes on the wall across from the tv and a coffee table goes in front of the couch. Ta-Da.”

Though it’s not wrong at all, try rearranging furniture for a layout that suites the size of the room.

arrange floor plan.jpgI love leaving space behind my couch and the wall. It lets me slide a skinny table behind it and also tricks the eye into extra space in the room! 


Thanks for reading Thursday’s Tip. If you have any great ideas on how you can make a small living room work leave me a comment or email me at admin@thinklivebe.com


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Go Local Wednesday- J. Bauman Salon

Looking for a trusting Salon for all your glitz and glam? Don’t want to make a $300 salon guilt trip? Let me recommend J. Bauman’s Salon in the Mills50 district!

Hair Salon I made a last minute decision to make myself a hair appointment at a local salon, and called 5 minutes to closing on Monday. I asked to make an appointment for a medium to long wash, cut, and style and  was able to get in the next day at 5:30 with John. (my work hours run until 5:00 so it was the soonest for me!) 

Making it to my appointment yesterday John made an immediate interaction with me, getting right to work. He listened as I told him the difficulties of my hair and my natural curls with extensive frizz and was very knowledgeable on not just the products in his salon but the ones I use at home too.

He washed my hair (with a scalp massage!), cut it, and styled it all while actually teaching me and telling me what he was doing and why he was doing it. 

End results…. Professional, Knowledgeable, and good at what they do! and LOCAL! John was expressing how he’s made the College Park area of Orlando his home for the last decade and a half and loves the fact that he works so close to the city and continuously has regulars that live near by (now ME!) I walked out paying under 60 dollars (With my 25% tip)  and now have new ideas on how to show off my curls. Love it!

Find out what services they offer and make your appointment on their website jbaumansalon.com

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Photo Cred: J Bauman


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Tuesday Tours – Lake Eola Heights


Officially gaining it’s title as the First Historic District of Orlando in 1989, Lake Eola Heights began to build in the 1920’s and has since created a diverse collection of Craftsman, Mediterranean, Minimal Traditional and Colonial Revival homes.

Located just south of E. Colonial and consisting of homes between Magnolia and Mills Ave, Lake Eola heights main point of attraction (aside from the historic homes) would be Lake Eola and the surrounding establishments.  

Lake Eola

From enjoying lunch by the lake at one of the patio seating restaurants to taking a boat trip on the self operating swan boats found on the northern side of the lake, Lake Eola is a quaint location to enjoy the serenity in the heart of Orlando.

A mix of brick and paved roads, sprawling tree lined streets,  and just a quick walk to Lake Eola Park and all that Downtown Orlando has to offer makes Lake Eola Heights the desirable area it is.

With 9 decades and counting the community has managed to restore and remain consistent in appreciating the history of this district.

Go out, see the beauty, take a bike ride through Broadway ave, Stroll and appreciate the landscaping of some of the homes through Concord St, and most of all… Love where you live!

#OurCityBeautiful consists of so many beautiful segments. Send me tons of photos and messages consisting of locations/establishments that I should include when highlighting neighborhoods of Orlando! admin@thinklivebe.com

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Photo Credit: Pat Fatica

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando?- K1 Speed

K1 Speed way is an indoor go cart facility that is exhilarating and all around a fun time for the family (or if you’re like me just for self!)


Opened to the public 7 days a week K1 Speed has two tracks that test your speed, control, and risk to see your name as #1 on the leader board. (I got as far as 3rd place out of 6 racers)

I took a stop by on a Friday night with expectations that I would have to arm bar my way to my cart, but surprisingly there were maybe 10 bodies (including staff) in the entire place!

I asked the attendant why it was so empty and she said that most of their business comes through the afternoons due to tourist wanting to be out and active at those times. (Win for Orlando locals that work weekdays!)

The facility requires a small annual membership purchase of $8 (insurance purposes i’m sure) and charges $20 a race which includes your helmet, sock cover, and 14 laps around one of the tracks! (Believe it or not 14 laps is a lot and very tiring on the body)

K1 offers great packages for birthdays, celebrations, or group outings and is a great last minute thing to do in Orlando! Address and Hours for the Orlando location can be found here.


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Go Local Wednesday- Gypsy Apothecary

Located in the SODO region of Orlando is probably one of my favorite herb shoppes Gypsy Apothecary. 

Their motto is to nourish the Mind, Body & Spirit and have the best selection of

  • Organic herbs
  • spices
  • 100% essential oils (Cheapest I’ve found in town while maintaining 100% organic status)
  • herbal teas
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • incense
  • gifts from around the world and so much more!


    Wall of Herbs

I’m not a guru of inner peace, but if I can walk into a local establishment and have a rush of relaxation hit me, with attendants that are knowledgeable on herbal wellness and relaxation, I’m going to be all about it.

I stop in every Sunday afternoon to unwind and get ready for my week usually with a lavender tea and a good book.


Here they have a selection of herbal teas that are targeted to all sorts of matters such as Stress, Energy Boost, Detox, Nail Hair & Skin remedies, and more that you can purchase by the ounce.

With a small tea corner you can quietly sit at peace in a room usually filled with a calming essential oil and sip on freshly steeped tea at a very cheap cost! Or take the tea leafs and steep them in the comfort of your home (They provide you with tea steeping bags)

Gypsy Apothecary also offers practices for those wanting a deeper idea of inner peace through meditation and crystal readings and can answer any questions you may have.

I love this place, don’t hesitate on this sweet spot. Go in, gain some knowledge, explore, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Tuesday Tour- Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood

Today on our Tuesday Tour we are taking you to the gorgeous Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood.

Lawsona/Fern Creek is truly one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando.  From the historic homes to the charming Washington St. bridge, you will not be disappointed.

The Lawsona/Fern Creek neighborhood is located between Thornton Park and the Milk District  so you will never run out of places to eat, drink or shop.  It is very well  known for one of the most beautiful parks in Downtown Orlando, Dickson-Azalea Park.  Located just beneath the historic Washington St. bridge, the park is shaded by sprawling oak trees, nature trails, and lined with azaleas in the Spring.  Across the street the park setting continues at Langford Park with more trails, playgrounds, and pavilions.  The Florida landscape is  picturesque in this neighborhood that is just blocks from Lake Eola and Downtown Orlando.   

Thinking about moving to Lawsona/Fern Creek Orlando, Search Lawsona/Fern Creek Homes for Sale

Search Downtown Orlando Neighbhorhood Homes for Sale

Need to sell your Lawsona/Fern Creek home, call us today, 407-494-2820

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