Monday Market Report – Need to sell your home before the end of the year? You need to read this!

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners may want or really need to sell before the end of the year.  Maybe you need to sell for tax purposes.  Maybe it’s a good time to move while the kids have some time off from school.  Maybe you just want to move when it’s actually cool outside so you don’t sweat to death!  Or maybe you see the benefit in selling while the market is hot and there is less competition, as I explained in last week’s blog post.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell now, you need to understand that to close by December 31st you need to be listing your home NOW! 

stop watch.jpg

The average days on the market in the Orlando area is about 55 – 60 days.  That does not include the time it takes to close the transaction.  A financed transaction takes on average about 45 days.  It can be done in 30 days with some lenders, but with two major holidays between now and Dec. 31st you should expect delays.  On top of the holiday delays there is usually an increased number of closings in December with people much like yourself that really want or need to sell before the end of the year.  That rush to the finish line can cause delays or extensions.

If you want to close by the end of the year, my recommendation is to list as soon as possible.  If you go beyond November 1st and do not have your home on the market it is less likely you will be able to close as planned.  There are some scenarios where you could still close on time.  1) You get an offer quickly or 2) You get a cash offer

Both of those would be great, but since the holiday season is already a little stressful why not give yourself a little breathing room?!  If you’re interested in selling your home in the next few months call me today at 407-494-2820 or email me at to get started with your move!

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do – Halloween Horror Nights


Halloween may be over a month away, but Halloween Horror Nights has returned for its 26th year to scare guests in Orlando and around the world! Florida residents are offered a great discount, and there are numerous upgrades you can receive if you are interested in indulging yourself in the Halloween celebration.

Some of the haunted houses include American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and The Exorcist, while a few scare zones are Survive or Die Apocalypse, Dead Man’s Wharf, and A Chance in Hell. Be prepared for lots of spooky and unforgettable memories!

The event is from September 16th to October 31st on select nights, so stop by Universal Studios theme park to enjoy the haunted houses and the creatures roaming throughout the park!

Image Credit: Halloween Horror Nights Facebook


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Go Local Wednesday – Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar

DonJulioTacosThinking about Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar makes me excited dinner time is near so I can enjoy all of the delicious Mexican food this restaurant offers. Don Julio is my go-to restaurant for dates, family gatherings, and the arrival of weekends.

Don Julio Mexican Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in the East Orlando area. It can get busy during peak hours, but the wait is worth it! I have tried their nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, but I still want to try all of their other dishes! The Don Julio menu is a fraction of what makes this restaurant so great; the plate presentation is wonderful, chips and salsa are always provided before the entree, and the drinks hit the spot after a long work week!

They sometimes offer free drinks for all of their guests, and the DJ alternates music based on genre and decades, so I never know what to expect walking in! Nevertheless, it is always an enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar to everyone in the Central Florida community!

Image Credit: Don Julio Mexican Grill Website

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Monday Market Report – Will Selling During the Holidays Affect My Home Value?

The quick answer is yes – and in a good way!

Fall is only three days away, and this time of the year is perfect to list your home! Even though the holiday season sparks a busy schedule and family visits, these is less competition to sell your home! Most buyers who are searching for a home are just as dedicated as you are about selling, so this is another benefit to list your home during the holidays.


In the last 5 years, the median price has gone up in November and December, while the number of listings declines as the year comes to an end.  Many buyers want to move while there is time off from school and work in order to make the move stress free.  Therefore, the added demand and lack of competition causes prices to slightly peak towards the end of the year.

If you decided to wait and avoid the hassle of selling over the holidays, you may want to rethink that decision. Maybe there is something  in the air – houses just look prettier during the holidays and the weather is just perfect in Florida for house shopping!

If you decide to sell before the end of the year, you will want to have the house ready and on the market by about October 17th.

Sixty days is the average days a home is on the market. This will give you a little buffer in case there are any delays in getting an offer or at closing.  However, to give yourself a little less stress, you should list as soon as possible!

If you are serious about selling your home before the new year, get started with a free consultation.

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Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando – Stroll ‘n’ Roll 2016


One of my favorite places in Central Florida is Baldwin Park, and one of my favorite topics to advocate are individuals with disabilities. The 2016 Stroll ‘n’ Roll event at Harbor Park in Lake Baldwin are raising funds to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live independently. Hosted by The Center of Independent Living, donating for this cause can impact 800,000 individuals living with a disability in Central Florida.

I will be attending this event for my sister who was diagnosed with autism fifteen years ago. I question how her independence will be every day, so I am excited to connect with The Center of Independent Living and families who support their mission!

For more information on how to make an impact, visit the Current Volunteer Opportunities page.

Date: September 17th, 2016

Time: 8:00am – 11:30am

Location: 4990 New Broad Street, Orlando, FL 32814

Price: FREE

Image Credit: The Center of Independent Living Facebook

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Go Local Wednesday – Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen

TibbysWinterParkIt’s not always easy to find the best Cajun food in Orlando. However, Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen has one of the most delicious Cajun food in the Central Florida area.

Located in Winter Park just minutes from Rollins College and Full Sail University, Tibby’s offers several classics like seafood gumbo and jambalaya. Rita’s Chicken is one of their most popular specialties on the menu, and it is topped with house lemon butter sauce served over dirty rice. Their Happy Hour, live music festivities, and vibrant color scheme make a perfect combination to celebrating the New Orleans culture.

Explore Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen menu, and grab a bite today!

Image Credit: Tibby’s Near Orleans Kitchen Website

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Monday Market Report – It’s a Sellers Market WHY Isn’t My House Selling?

What is a sellers market? A sellers market is a situation where a small number of homes for sale are available, and there is a lack of sufficient inventory for the demand. In a sellers market, homes sell quickly and for top dollar.  However, if you recently listed your home, the number of home sales has declined in the last month and the number of pending sales has dropped 17% since this time last year.  That means that there are less buyers in the market shopping.

Prices have shot up 12% since last year, and although that price increase is good for your pocket book, it does price many buyers out of the market.  Lack of buyers for your home could be one of the reasons the property hasn’t gotten an offer yet.  Here are other reasons your house is still on the market:

1. Price

Pricing is the number one reason your home could not be selling. Rather than overpricing your home, it is ideal to know how much your home is really worth. You can receive a free evaluation from me on

2. Lack of Marketing

Marketing is a key component in selling your home. In 2014, approximately 43 percent of home buyers search photos on websites to showcase your home. (1) It takes a few seconds to make a great first impression, and if the photos of the home are uninviting, the home will have a more difficult time selling. Removing clutter, adjusting the lighting, and removing cars and pets in photos are a few suggestions to make your photos presentable.

3. Doesn’t Show Well

Does your home need repairs, but you are hesitant on renovating it? We recommend to follow through with making repairs and updates that will make your home stand out from its competitors. Updating the wall paint, replacing the carpet, and checking the curb appeal are just a few steps to getting your home sold in a timely manner!

4. Not Easy to Show

Do not be a seller that has strict requirements for showing a home.  Sometimes a seller wants a 24 hour notice, requires an appointment only, or insists on being present when a buyer wants to see the house.  It is practical to have the house show ready each morning and have an agent provide an electronic lockbox so that buyers agents can come and show with minimal notice.

Ready to sell your home? Connect with Kathryn Stelljes at | 407-494-2820 for more information on how to sell your home in the Orlando sellers market.

(1) Data provided by National Association of Realtors Real Estate in Digital Age report

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