The Ultimate Silver Lining

It has been a tough two years to be in the real estate industry.  The market has certainly seen better days; but I was not in the business back then.  A couple of years ago I was in college and working my way to this career.  When I entered the market, many made jokes about “getting in” at the wrong time.  Don’t get me wrong, it is certainly tough to sell the listings.  With the oversaturated market it is increasingly difficult to get listings noticed among the masses.  However, there are always buyers out there.  Buyers who two or three years ago may not have seen owning a home in their immediate future.  The cost of living just did not match up to the income levels in Orlando and around the country.

Things recently got a little scary as the stock market became unstable due to the lax mortgage practices in previous years.  It even got a little scarier as the federal government decided the problem was so dire it required a $700 billion bail out plan.

However, I guess I am the kind of person that sees opportunity in everything and sees the silver lining in every cloud.  I mean there are always reasons to be a little depressed or upset; but as the values go down for some many are able to finally have a piece of the American dream.  So today I would like to pay homage to the white picket fence.  It is a symbol of home ownership and the possibility of owning your own home!  Now I can’t help you with the 2.5 kids part of the dream; but I can help you find the home to get you started.

Tips for first time home-buyers can be found at  Buying Info


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