Downtown Orlando Website is Actually Informative

Has anyone noticed that there is a new Downtown Orlando website?  I noticed this new website a few months ago and I am actually impressed.  Not to say the last website was terrible; but the new one is much more user friendly.  I used to frequent the Downtown website for local events and news; but they never seemed to be updated.  Most of the time there was just an error on the page and I could not even see the calendar of events or scroll down a menu for information.  Needless to say, I am happy to see that there have been some changes.

I have always thought of Downtown Orlando as a vibrant and growing city.  It may have a ways to go to be comparable to NYC or LA; but it is a great place to live.  This website finally reflects the lifestyle and vibe that make Downtown such a sought after place to live.  Kudos to Purple Rock Scissors for the design.  I have passed by your sign many times and pondered what you do.  Now I know!


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