Quick Fix for Fountain

As of yesterday, we finally know what will become of the sad looking hunk of turquoise in the middle of Lake Eola.  In the State of the City address, Mayor Dyer explained that initially there will be a quick fix for the fountain.  Try saying that 10 times in a row!

After the quick fix, they will use about $1.4 million of insurance funds to repair permanently and then worry about the upgrades if they can get enough in donations.  That is of course if the insurance company covers the bill.  They are not happy about forking out the money because they claim the fountain was already in disrepair.

This 52 year old fountain has become a landmark in our city’s history and I think many would support it’s repair if we could raise the money.  Apparently there has only been about $30,000 raised in support; but come on we can do better than that.  What do you think about the Lake Eola Fountain?


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