What do You Want in a Home?

Every buyer has different preferences.  Individuals have different tastes, styles, needs, and wants.  It largely depends on the neighborhood in which you live or are searching for a home.  In Downtown Orlando and College Park most buyers prefer older Bungalows and Craftman style homes typical of the area.  In areas of Winter Park buyers expect luxury homes with more square footage either new or remodeled.

In a recent article from the National Association of Realtors, they described these at the top 10 things buyers look for in a new home.

1. Large kitchens with islands
2. Energy efficiency, including energy-efficient appliances, super insulation, and high-efficiency windows.
3. Home offices
4. Main-floor master suite
5. Outdoor living space
6. Ceiling fans
7. Soaking tub in the master suite and/or an oversize shower with a seating area
8. Stone and brick exteriors rather than stucco or vinyl
9. Community walking paths and playgrounds
10. Two-car garages, but three-car garages are even more desirable

What do you look for in a home?


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