To Stage Tuesdays – First Impressions

Front Porch You only get one chance to make a first impression.  As cliché as that statement may sound, it is the absolute truth in today’s real estate market.  With so many homes to choose from in the Orlando area, buyers are looking for the property with the best price in the best condition.  When buyers drive by a listing, the curb appeal may make or break their decision to preview your home.  If you have trouble getting people through the door, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain an offer.  With so many distressed properties on the market today (62.53% of all sales were distressed properties in May); an appealing exterior and staged interior can make the difference between your home selling versus the lower priced foreclosure down the street.

Below are some tips to spruce up the exterior.  While each of them may take a little energy and possibly some money – it is worth it in the long run.  According to, 94.6% of homes that are staged sell within 33 days.  The average days on the market for homes that are not staged is 196 days according to the same data.  Homes staged by staging professionals, stayed on the market 83 percent less time than homes that were not staged.

Here are just a few easy tips to spruce up the exterior:

  • Make sure the House Numbers are clean/freshly painted & clearly visible from the street
  • Repaint or re-stain the front door
  • Add a new door mat and sparkling clean or new door knocker/door hardware
  • Add a few potted plants near the front door to add a pop of color – limit the flowers to one or two colors and stay clear from overly fragrant flower types
  • Clean driveway and sidewalk leading to front door
  • Pressure wash or paint the entire house if necessary
  • Cut back any hedges or bushes so that the front door and windows are visible – remember you want them to see the beautiful house you’re trying to sell.  (Tip:  trim bushes top down & trees bottom up)
  • Replace any missing pieces from the fence & secure any railings on porches
  • Replace missing shingles on the roof – when patching a roof – make sure to match the existing roof or it will appear to have discoloration from the road
  • Replace cracked or broken windows and ripped screens – *I recently read an article which suggests removing screens completely so light can reflect nicely on the windows.  If you elect to do this – make sure the windows are sparkling clean!
  • Add new Sod if your grass is looking sparse! – Sod is an inexpensive way to spruce up a front yard – be sure to fertilize and water and trim on a regular basis.

Market Stats provided by Orlando Regional Realtor Association
Staging Stats provided by
Photo provided by MorgueFile


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