Tech Tip for a Thursday – Top 7 Apps for Buyers

Search Real Estate

Best 7 Apps for Buyers Searching for a New Home:

Evernote – FREE – My favorite app for a homebuyer is Evernote – You can write notes about what you like/dislike about homes you preview, take photos, record notes for later, etc.  The great thing about evernote is you can use it with your phone and then when you get home – access everything you saved from your desktop or laptop.  This is a great way to remember the details of the day and share them easily with your friends and family. – FREE – Of course buyer’s want to be able to search for homes.  The best app for this is  That is the number one searched site for real estate properties and will by far have the best representation of what is available in your area because it pulls data from local Multiple Listing Services.

Walk Score FREE – Check out how Walkable the neighborhood is and see what restaurants, shops, etc are nearby.

Yelp – FREE – This is another App where you can check out what is nearby.  What is great about this one is that you can read reviews about the nearby restaurants and shops to get a really good feel for the neighborhood and quality of “walkable” places.

Suburb Scout –  $1.99 – This is an Android App – I’m not too familiar with Android apps because I’m an iPhone user – but this app searches for possible neighborhood nuisances like airports, sewage plants, nuclear plants, landfills and prisons. If you’re relocating, or aren’t familiar with the area, this app may be helpful!

Ez loan calc – FREE – see a house you like?  You can quickly estimate your loan payment as you are searching to see if it will fit your budget.  You just need to know the sales price and an estimated interest rate.  Keep in mind this may not include your taxes/insurance/or PMI!

QR code reader – FREE – A lot of agents are using QR codes on signs now.  It is basically a barcode that will take you directly to a website with more property information.  You just have to download QR Code Reader and snap a photo using the app.


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