Who Says There’s Nothing to Do In Orlando? – World Famous Slide Show

Mother Falcon has become a household name in Downtown Orlando.  The creative T-shirt shop in Thornton Park offers custom t-shirts in a matter of minutes; but there’s more to Mother Falcon than T-Shirts.  Each month they put on art shows and feature limited edition t-shirts of the artists’ work.  The successful venture is leading them to open a new concept called “The Falcon” – looking forward to checking out their new bar and gallery in Fall 2011.

This month Mother Falcon welcomes a photographer who has traveled the world and captured the lives of infamous old school rappers such as Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Run DMC, and many more.  Ricky Powell & His World Famous Slide Show will be here… in person…tomorrow, Saturday July 30th.  The slide show starts at 9 pm and the event runs from 8:30 – 11:30 pm.  Mother Falcon is located at 817 E Washington St. in Thorton Park.

There will be a cash bar, live DJs, and Free Photo Booth the night of the show.  All artwork will be on display, for sale, and available for T-Shirt printing thru 9.2.11.

See poster  and more info at MotherFalconClothing.com


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