To Stage Tuesdays – Top 10 Improvements For Your Home

In the current market, many people have decided to continue living in their homes rather than sell in the tough conditions.  As they make that decision, often times that means expanding or remodeling to make their current living situation comfortable for years to come.  However, eventually they may still need to sell and need to make sure they don’t overspend on the improvements.

Or…perhaps someone needs to sell quickly and needs a few quick fixes to make the home show better to potential buyers.  Well, here are the top 10 ideas for remodeling that offer the best value for the cost in Florida.  (I left out basement remodel because that doesn’t apply in Florida – but FYI a basement remodel even in the Southern region can recoup 70% of the cost. )

1.  Entry Door Replacement (Steel) – 102.1%

2.  Garage Door Replacement – 83.9%

3.  Deck Addition (Wood) – 72.8%

4.  Minor Kitchen Remodel – 72.8%

5.  Siding Replacement (Vinyl) – 72.4%

6.  Window Replacement (Wood) – 72.4%

7.  Attic Bedroom – 72.2%

8.  Window Replacement (Vinyl) – 71.6%

9.  Major Kitchen Remodel – 68.7%

10.  Deck Addition (Composite) – 66.2%

As you can see, kitchen is a popular choice.  Here are a few extra ideas to spruce up the kitchen!

Under $5000

6 Tips for Gourmet on a Fast Food Budget

20 Low Cost Kitchen Updates

Source for data:  National Association of Realtors Cost Vs. Value
Remodeling 2010–11 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine (Mid-Range Projects for the Southern Atlantic Region)


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