Who Says There’s Nothing to do in Orlando? – Soon to Come

Sure you see the start of the construction on South Street in Downtown Orlando, but do you really know what the Dr. Phillips Center will look like?

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t.  I largely ignored the coverage even though I agree with the majority of residents that a new arts center is necessary.  I believe for Downtown Orlando to be a diverse, thriving metropolis, culture exposure for all ages is part of the equation.

I recently had an opportunity to listen to what President Kathy Ramsberger had to say during the Downtown Development Board’s What’s Up Downtown monthly meeting.  I was impressed  with the design, vision, and staff.  If you stop by the office at 455 South Orange Avenue and check out the renderings and model, you’ll see what I mean!

It seems more like a campus than just an art center. The model allows citizens to see the tangible rewards of the vision and design.  The model is separated into two pieces to sneak a peek into the core of the Center, looking at the various stages from both a spectator’s and performer’s point of view.  The large public spaces border areas for art education for all ages, mixed in with retail and meeting space, making the Center an asset to the entire community.  I did not realize the collaboration going on to make this Center happen!  Not only are local political leaders partnering with community voices providing input to the vision, design and implementation; but international voices are involved.

The Center is part of an elite group of art centers around the globe that look to each other for ideas and have contributed in the planning of our soon to be art center.  Even the smallest details have been considered to make it a welcoming place for all.  The vision is to mix everyone coming to the Center from every walk of life at the front door – to create equality from the beginning.  Practically speaking, entrances/exits also impact operational plans and budgets after the Center is up and running.  This is just one example of the painstaking thought that has gone into your Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

I now have a greater appreciation for all that Downtown Orlando and Central Florida will gain from the Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts.  I encourage you to stop by their office at 455 South Orange Avenue and see for yourself what fantastic things are happening.  The staff is passionate, knowledgeable and helpful.

Check out their website and a very informative fly through can be found under their Resources tab, video/audio.

Image credit:  rendering from Dr. Phillips Center website media resources


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