Tech Tip for a Thursday – Walk to Work?

If you’re in the market for a home or will be in the near future, you may be considering different factors than buyers have in the past.  The Green Movement (as I think it will be called in the future) has added increasing awareness to our dependence on oil and the price associated with it.  Increasing gas prices and electric bills have made us all think a little harder about what is important in our home.

Perhaps you’re thinking differently about lifestyle and think living a little closer to your job or shopping and dining may be a smart choice in the coming years.  You may also be more concerned with eco-friendly upgrades or smaller more energy efficient spaces.  These new trends will shape the way we live.

If you have started to search for a more “walkable” neighborhood there’s an app for that.  Walk Score is a company that created way to determine how “walkable” a neighborhood is based on its proximity to shops, restaurants, etc.  The website has been around for a little while and I have started to promote the “walkablity factor” with many of the listings that are located in Downtown Orlando.  But…if you’re new to the area and are curious to see how pedestrian friendly it might be the WalkScore app is perfect for that!

Is walkability an important factor to your home search or was it in the past?


Image credit:  screenshot of Walkscore for Downtown Orlando home


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