Monday Market Report – The Gift of Selling

The latest news is that Orlando inventory has declined again!  This means fewer homes to choose from for buyers and less competition for sellers.  The opportunity for sellers is now!  Many home sellers will continue to wait to list their homes or re-list their homes until after the New Year; but why?!  Give yourself the gift of selling your home and moving on with your life in 2012.

There is typically a peak of sales in November and December as buyers have time off to shop and want to close quickly before the New Year.  The median price is holding steady near $115,000 and the average price has increased as of September to $152,392. The interest rates are still at historic lows; so buyers will likely be ready to buy this holiday season.

Jump in now while the inventory has declined to 9,931 homes!  We have not seen inventory like this since December of 2005.  Take advantage of the market while your neighbors decide to wait out the holidays!  Now is the time to sell.  Find out what your home is worth Today!

Statistics provided by Orlando Regional Realtor Association


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