Go Local Wednesday – Support Small Business on Saturday

Why not avoid the Black Friday hype and stimulate the local economy? Small business Saturday is a great way. Small business owners are your neighbors. They employ people in your neighborhood. Your local stores carry or create unique products the people on your list will love. You’ll receive personal attention and no shipping fees.

Check out your local Main Street districts for lists of small businesses in your area.  Mills 50 is right around the corner from Downtown and full of great places to find a truly unique gift this holiday season – try a gift card to one of the many locally owned delicious restaurants, frame some artwork at the local frame shop on Mills, or find some gifts from around the world at one of the international shops.  Try Audubon Park for some yummy holiday cupcakes, custom jewelry at the Bead Lounge, or to find the perfect gift for a garden lover at Palmer’s.  Thornton Park isn’t a “Main Street” district but be sure to stop through there for a custom t-shirt from Mother Falcon, cute accessories from one of the boutiques, or how about a hot sauce gift set from Tijuana Flats for someone who enjoys things spicy!  Or try Ivanhoe village for the antique lover – just stop in any one of the vintage or antique shops on Orange Avenue for a one of a kind gift!

Why not avoid the crowds, the hype, racing around and check out your favorite small business Saturday?


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