To Stage Tuesdays – 5 Tips to Holiday Staging

Holidays are a wonderful time of year to showcase your home!  It is a time where we get together with family and friends and really use our home to it’s greatest potential.  The festive smells and decorative touches add extra charm to any home.  However, it is very easy to go overboard with holiday decor and if you’re trying to sell your home you may actually do more harm than good.  Follow these few tips to ensure a classic holiday look to your home staging.

1.  Everything in Moderation!  Keep your decorations to a minimum.  Maybe you’re used to covering the entire house Griswold Family Christmas style but hold off for another year.

2.  Try to use only one type of exterior lighting style/color to create a simple and classic decor.   A holiday wreath on the front door is a simple and inexpensive touch.  I personally just loaded up our front steps with poinsettias – you cannot go wrong with these winter beauties!

3.  Avoid the inflatable holiday decor all together!  Remember…simple and classic.  Too many lawn ornaments can create a cluttered look on the lawn.  You want the buyers to see your house not just the decorations.  It is the house that they are buying after all!

4.  Avoid an overly religious theme if you are trying to sell.  Remember when staging your house to sell, you want to remove all personal items.  A house that is staged should read like a model home.

5. Keep the home spacious and the architectural details in plain site.  If you add your holiday tree to the living room and it suddenly feels cramped, remove a piece of furniture for the holiday season.  Place it in another room or store at a friend’s house for the month.  You want your home to feel larger when staging and you also want the details of the home to be seen.  So avoid placing your large tree in front of a beautiful window.

Always focus on the details of the house when staging.  The idea is to keep things simple and limited so that the features of the house are showcased.  However, everyone loves the holidays, so pull out the boxes and put up the lights…just not all of them!


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