Tech Tip for a Thursday – Are you really searching all the listings?

For most buyers, they begin their search for a home on the Internet.  It’s an obvious place to start – you can search in your pajamas on your free time, get to know neighborhoods better, and start to see price trends in certain areas.  But are you really seeing all the listings available for sale?

When real estate agents list a property for sale, there is a box we must have the seller check within the listing agreement that allows us to list the property on the Internet and another box to determine if the seller wants the listing on (the #1 searched site for real estate listings).   Then we as agents can pursue adding the listing to other websites as well.  It seems like every seller would say yes to these options, but not always the case.  Also, depending on where you are searching for listings, you may or may not have everything available at your finger tips.  Perhaps one agent doesn’t use Zillow to market his or her listings; but this is where you search for homes for sale.

This is just one reason why it is so important to hire a buyer’s agent to help you with your search as soon as you are serious about buying.  A buyer’s agent will not only represent you in the transaction and walk you through the process to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible; but he or she may have insight about new listings that have not actually been “listed” on the Internet.

Lastly, this market has many challenges.  You may think you’ve found the home of your dreams on the Internet; but perhaps the home will not qualify for the specific type of financing you are using to purchase a home.  These are the types of things you want to understand before you fall in love with a home.  Save yourself the heartache and get a buyer’s agent!


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  1. […] A listing is available for sale when it is marked “Active” or ACT.  That means you can preview and make an offer on the property today!  When a listing is not available you will see a number of different things.  Also, what is available online (depending on the website) may or may not be up to date information and you may not be seeing all that is available for sale.  […]

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