To Stage Tuesdays – Give the Buyers What they Want

Home-buyers seem to have a lot on their wish list these days and storage always seems to make it to the top.  Unfortunately, older homes in the Downtown Orlando market usually lack storage because…well they just didn’t build walk in closets in the 1920s!  But storage is all about organization.  You can have a tiny closet but if it appears organized then the buyer perceives it as functional.  On the other hand, if your closet is overflowing (regardless of its size), it appears that there is not enough storage.  A buyer will think – “If the seller’s closet is overflowing, then mine will be too”.

De-cluttering and minimizing your belongings is imperative in home staging.   Creating more storage space doesn’t mean moving walls to make a bigger closet.  It involves maximizing the space you have with a custom closet organizer, extra shelves or baskets in the laundry area, racks and adjustable shelves in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, shelving and bins in the garage, etc.  Here are a few sites that provide some options for organizing and a plan of action.  Even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon – an organized space can just make for better living for you today!

Organizing Tip of the Day

Month by Month Storage Plan

15 Hideaway Storage Ideas for Small Spaces (this one is particularly good for these smaller homes in Downtown Orlando)

Unclutterer Blog  – get started uncluttering today


Image credit:  Closet from Flickr via Creative Commons License


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