Who Says There’s Nothing to do in Orlando? – Saturday Dinner and a Show

Looking for something to do tomorrow night?  Try one of these two options or both!

Citrus Restaurant is hosting a Widmer Beer Dinner tomorrow night.  The reception starts at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are $45 and includes a four-course dinner paired with beers from Widmer Brothers, an award winning Portland brewery.  More Info

Looking for something to enjoy after dinner?  Try the opening of “Replicated”, a tribute art show to the movie Blade Runner.  The show begins at 8 pm.  If you can’t make it tomorrow, the show will be up through March 2nd.

Mother Falcon Blade Runner Tribute Art Show Promo Video from Emanuel Rivera on Vimeo.

More about the tribute:  Blade Runner is a haunting, eerily prophetic mixture of science fiction and film noir, director Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner boasts one of the most astonishingly designed futures ever put on film – a dark, decaying Los Angeles circa 2019.

Artists include:
Phil Noto
Eric Althin
Jamie Margary
Pat Fatica
Dennis Hansbury
Jim Inziello
Stephanie Marie Smith
Sean Hartman
Karla Radvak

Sounds by Q-Burns Abstract Message.

All artwork will be available for T-Shirt printing at www.MotherFalconClothing.com.

Thornton Park Parking Garage with entrances on North Eola Drive and East Washington Street. Street parking is available if you can find it.

Questions email: TheFalconBar@gmail.com


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