Tech Tip for a Thursday – Best App for Managing Your Move

It seems like there are a million apps for keeping track of to dos and reminders; but I found one that I think would be great for someone buying or selling a home in Orlando.  If you work with our team, we are your reminder system from contract to close!  We have systems in place to make sure you meet your deadlines and know exactly what’s going on as a transaction progresses.  However, there are a lot of personal activities that must take place to get from one home to the next!  Or perhaps you’re like me and just like to be in control of the transaction as well!  This app will help you be in control and keep all your reminders in one place.  It’s also a great place to keep track of moving plans if you are relocating to another city or state.

Springpad, which is available for iPhone and iPad, allows you to add notes, photos, and audio to a notebook.  Within the notes you can add reminders to complete an activity and tags to access it quickly next time you open the app.  You can create a board of notes with images of your favorite homes or notes about each one so you can later review the pros and cons of each home if you need to.  Or just create a simple check list to prepare your family for a big move.

Once you’re under contract you could add reminders for each deadline and activity and even share with your spouse or partner in the transaction.  It’s a fun and useful app for keeping up with big projects – such as buying a home in Orlando or moving long distance!

Here are a few screenshots of the app.  We have a transaction coordinator and private webpage where our customers can go to see exactly what is going on and what else needs to happen from contract to close; and this can help you keep track of the personal “to dos” that go along with planning a move!

What’s your favorite app for keeping track of daily to do items?


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