To Stage Tuesdays – What Not to Wear

Just a quick note today about home staging. Have you ever watched the show What Not to Wear? I used to love that show…is that show still on the air?! It is truly amazing what people will wear outside of their home! The concept of the show is allowing two professionals in the fashion industry to tell people what they should or should not be wearing to flatter their body. Often times the person has just graduated college and is getting out into the job search or is changing something important in their lives and need a new fresh look.

This is similar to staging a home. We as real estate professionals often times have to carefully inform a seller that to maximize the dollar amount they can get for their home they must “dress” it in a certain way to appeal to all buyers. Similar to dressing yourself for a job interview – you want to look your best!

So next time you’re thinking about selling, ask yourself how would you dress yourself for a job interview. You’d want to look your best right? If you look professional you garner the salary you deserve right? This dog really knows how to dress for success…ok this is just a funny photo; but the same holds true with a home.  Stage a home to sell for top dollar and you will get top dollar.


Image credit:  Getting Ready via Creative Commons License


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