Tech Tip for a Thursday – The New Rules of Making an Offer in Today’s Market

Our housing market in Orlando is changing.  As the number of homes for sale has declined over the last few months, the market has become quite competitive.  Especially in highly desirable neighborhoods like Downtown Orlando, College Park, and Winter Park.  If you are looking for a home for sale in Downtown Orlando under $250,000 – so is everyone else!  Well that’s how it seems anyways.

Homes under that $250,000 mark are typically just the right size and location for a first time buyer and that is one of the major groups buying a home in this market.  So how can you ensure your success when bidding against other home buyer and get there first?

  1. Ask your agent if their website is mobile.  If you are out driving around and see a home that looks interesting you want to be able to check out their site and get the details ASAP.  Or at least make sure you can text your agent for a quick response.  Keep in mind all of those other sites may not have the most up to date listings and/or all of them.  See my previous blog about this!
  2. Once you find a home offer a fair price for the home.  There’s no more “low balling” going on in today’s market.  You must move quickly and offer something fair and reasonable to market value or a little higher even.  Most agents can do a quick market analysis just using their cell phone and looking at recent sales in the neighborhood within our mobile multiple listing service site.
  3. Use electronic means to sign your offer.  We use electronic signatures to ensure we get things done quickly (and save a lot of paper in the meantime!).  If your agent doesn’t offer electronic signatures there is an app that will allow you to sign electronically on your own.  It’s called Docusign Ink and it’s FREE!  Super easy to use.

Basically, electronic and digital technology is the driving force in this industry.  If you want to get a an offer accepted doing things on your phone or tablet device just might mean you get your offer in first – but always and most importantly make a solid offer or you will get outbid.


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