Tech Tip for a Wednesday – Discover the History of Your Home

If you live in an old Downtown Orlando home like I do, you have probably been curious at one time or another about who had lived there before you. I love the historic homes in Downtown Orlando and the surrounding area. It is so fun to investigate the history of these homes and the neighborhoods in which they were built. Each home has a story that can unfold just by researching some old documents.

If you want to get started today, the easiest way is to start with a deed search. The great news is that everything is online now! You can visit the Orange County Comptroller website and search for your own deed to get started. Search for your name as the Grantee and then work backwards. Each time the property was transferred; there was a grantor (the person who sold the home) and a grantee (the person who purchased it). Second, search for the grantee before you and so on until you get as far as you can. If you want to go way back – things can get a little more difficult to find. As you go beyond when the home was built, the legal description may change because the lot may not have been split at that time. As I researched my own home, I discovered that the property in this area was once owned by one of the founders of the Dubsdread Golf Course in College Park. He apparently developed and subdivided many neighborhoods throughout Orlando. Along the way it was fun to see the story unfold – many people transferred ownership of the lot and surrounding area during the booming 20s. When it was finally sold in 1927, to the man that I imagine built the home, he did not sell it again until the late 1940s. I guess he had a difficult time selling it during The Great Depression!

My next quest is to find an old photo of the home! Have you ever researched the history of your home? What did you find?


Image Credit:  Abandoned House via Creative Commons License


About Kathryn Stelljes PA

I am a Realtor in the Downtown Orlando area. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and a degree in Residential Planning. My background in these design fields has advanced my ability to sell in the realm of residential real estate. As a native Floridian and resident of Downtown Orlando I understand the growing needs for homeowners in the Central Florida home market and specifically the Downtown market. I enjoy sharing information about businesses, fun events, and the historic homes and neighborhoods that make Downtown Orlando such a unique and vibrant place to live. I love Italian Greyhounds, old houses, interior design and design blogs, social media networking, and anything marketing related.
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2 Responses to Tech Tip for a Wednesday – Discover the History of Your Home

  1. Jess says:

    Well that was fun! I believe my house was built in 1950, the last deed I can find on record is from 1974.

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