Monday Market Report – Jumping Off the Fence

The Orlando real estate market has done a complete 180!  I have been trying to tell people for several months that things were turning around and going well – but still people had doubts.   We listed two homes in Downtown Orlando and Winter Park over the last week and had multiple offers (in the double digits!) on both within 48 hours.  This is what is happening in the market right now.

It seems everyone who was sitting on the fence has jumped off all at once.  They finally realized that the market already hit bottom and they better hurry before prices start getting too high!

Have you tried to sell your home in Orlando or Winter Park the last few years without success?  Now is the time to put it on the market.  We can obtain a quick offer for you too! Complete the form below for a quick market valuation of your home.  We can tell you about what it will sell for and about how quickly you can expect it to sell at that price.  Now is the time to get moving with your life and onto a bigger and better home while the home prices are still affordable and interest rates are low!


Image Credit:  Sitting on Fence via Creative Commons


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