Monday Market Report – How to sell your home in 10 days

The market is changing and things are selling much quicker than they have in the past few years.  The average days on the market in Orlando were 87 at the end of April this year.  At the same time last year the days on the market were 104.  However, there are still plenty of homes that do not sell.  They expire from the market for one reason or another.  Maybe you had the unfortunate experience of trying to sell your home in Orlando in the past and having the market reject it for some reason.  There is always a reason and a solution!  Every home is salable.  The issue is preparing the home for sale in such a way that you maximize your exposure to the right type of buyer.

Sign up for our FREE webinar to learn how to sell your home in 10 days.  We will discuss the top 5 things you can do to ensure a quick sale!  June 21st at 5 pm from the comfort of your own home!


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