To Stage Tuesdays – The Power of Three

Home Staging has been around for a while now; but still many homeowners do not want to bother with it.  I think the main reason is that they feel it will take too much time or they don’t see the value.  But here’s the thing, you don’t have to go overboard with changing your entire decor.  There are plenty of home sellers that we work with who keep their homes very neutral and universally appealing that no staging is even required.  Those sellers are usually the ones who walk away with top dollar or even over list price.  That style is easy to replicate.

We understand that our busy lifestyles can keep us from taking the few extra steps to create a home that appears  like a model home but taking that extra time is well worth it.  Would a few gallons of paint and some light packing be worth $5000 extra dollars?   Hopefully you answered YES to that question!

The key is neutral colors and furniture and the rule of three.  The rule of three is the basic idea that three accessories grouped together (or any odd number) make a bigger impact than an even pair.  So after painting over the red walls and removing the chair your grandmother gave you or the wall of personal photos to a storage shed…it’s time to re-accessorize.

Choose items that you already have around the house that vary in height and size.  Use a tall thin lamp next to a round short vase and a rectangular box on a side table.  Or group three vases in differing heights in the center of a dining room table.  I think the rule of three also applies to the furniture itself in some cases.  Eliminate a few items of furniture if the room feels overcrowded.  Think three big pieces and of course a few small side tables or coffee table is fine too.  The key is to make an impact without covering the features of the home itself.  Use the accessories to draw the buyer’s eye to a large window on the same wall.  Or use the tall vase grouping to draw the buyer’s eye up to the chandelier over the dining table.

For a consultation about staging your home for top dollar  call us at 1-800-859-5714 ext 0 and ask for Kathryn!
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