Monday Market Report – What’s all the Buzz about?

Being in the real estate industry everyone always asks the questions “How are things in the Real Estate Business?”  Recently I’ve been getting a lot more of these questions.  My answer has changed over the last few years.  In the past less people asked the question or if they did they did so with a decidedly more sympathetic tone.  It felt as if the person asking the question felt bad for me for being a real estate agent in Orlando during these “tough times”.

My view of the last few years is one of opportunity for first time home buyers and investors; but nonetheless most people felt bad that I had to work in such hard conditions.  Don’t get me wrong…there were some challenging times but all in all this was a course correction that needed to happen.

It is nice to finally have positive news across the board to share with people.  And it seems as if a buzz of positive energy is spreading across the real estate industry and is being felt across the country!  The inventory is at 6 year lows, the interest rates continue to remain at historically low levels (under 4%!), and sales prices are creeping up finally!  Nationally, the sales from May 2012 are up 10% from the year before at that time and builders have started building again.(1)

So my question to you is have you felt the buzz?  If you or anyone you know needs real estate assistance in Orlando we’re here to help guide you through the good times and the bad!  Email us at or call us at 1-800-859-5714 ext. 0


Image credit:  Bee from ImageAfter

(1) Wall Street Journal Online


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