Go Local Wednesdays – Visit Uptown

Recently I’ve been frequenting the Uptown area in Downtown Orlando quite a bit.  I am currently working with someone to purchase a condo at Uptown Place.  Being over there a few times lately reminded me about the several great food options that I sometimes forget about.   I don’t frequent that area too often but it continues to grow and impress.  As this area grows it creates a very walk-able connection between the College Park section of Orange Ave. known as “Antique Row” to the Central Business District of Orlando.  On top of that it is a very beautiful area with a nice mix of office space, residential, and a few retail/restaurant spots.

It’s definitely an area to stop by if you haven’t in the last few years.  The strip of restaurants on the corner of Orange Ave. and Park Lake St. offering fresh fare are worth the trip.  Citrus is a beautiful modern upscale restaurant with a diverse menu offering some surprising seafood options.  Virgin Olive Market is a great place to stop for lunch.  They offer sandwiches and wraps that are satisfying and unique.  I also just learned that they serve breakfast so I’ll be stopping by soon to try that and the sushi place on the corner!

What are your favorite spots along Orange Ave or in the Uptown area?



Image Credit:  Everyone’s via Creative Commons


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