To Stage Tuesdays – Purpose of a Room

One of the most important parts of staging is giving each room a purpose. If you have three bedrooms but use one as an office a potential buyer may view your home as having only two bedrooms. How is that possible?

Think of this scenario: A buyer needs a three bedroom home for their family and they intend on previewing two homes… both similarly priced and in similar condition. When they arrive one home has three bedrooms with beds and closets and the other has two bedrooms with beds and the other is packed with a desk and office equipment. From their perspective the second is actually a two bedroom house with an office.

Consider staging the office to look like a bedroom. An office space can be a great asset to a home – but does not add the value that a bedroom does. Be sure there is a closet in the room to call it a bedroom. Adding a closet can be pretty inexpensive. It is simply drywall and a few studs! Worst case scenario add a closet solution like this one from Ikea.


Obviously if you have a home office you need one. Consider investing in a piece of furniture that houses/hides your office equipment while your home is listed. (coincidentally you could probably use the above piece for that too with the proper shelves) Feel free to leave it in the bedroom if there is space – just make sure to add a bed and keep the doors of the storage unit closed during showings.

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