To Stage Tuesdays – Staging for the Holidays Part 1

Autumn is upon us and with the holiday months comes holiday decorations.  What may be fun and festive for your holiday may be inappropriate if you are trying to sell your home this holiday season.  Keep your home sale in mind as you pull things from the attic!

The reason I titled this Part 1 is because I will post one for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving, and one for the Winter Holidays.  This post we will cover the Dos and Don’ts of Halloween.

Who doesn’t love trick or treating and ghost stories!?  I know I do and I look forward to going to Halloween Horror Nights this year; but let’s keep the walking dead to theme parks and out of our front yards.  If you have a For Sale sign in your yard this holiday season, keep it simple and avoid overdoing it on the scary ghouls and goblins.  DO add a few pumpkins, gourds, or even carved owls on your front steps or some beautiful orange mums in a planter near the front porch.  This look is classy and will last through Thanksgiving if your home is on the market for a few months.  DO add a few twine pumpkins with white or orange lights or ceramic pumpkins with votive candles near the sidewalk leading to your front door.  DON’T plaster a blow up or animatronics spider or ghost in your yard.  DON’T make your front yard a graveyard with zombies coming out of the ground.  Steer clear of overly scary or Gothic decorations.

If you just must…absolutely have to put on a full on haunted house every year for Halloween, try doing it for the day of the event only.  Don’t leave up the graveyard decorations and severed body parts for even a day after the 31st!

Do you decorate for Halloween?  If so, would you do it if your home was for sale?


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