To Stage Tuesdays – DIY vs. Professional

Staging is an extremely important part of selling your home.  Whether you do it yourself by simply cleaning up and packing away some of your belongings or you hire a professional, anything you to do improve the way your home shows while listed will increase your bottom line.  How much?  Well that depends.


As the video states, the average staged home results in a 2% higher sales price.  That can mean a lot of extra money in your pocket.  However, doing it yourself can be difficult.   As a homeowner you can sometimes turn off things that may be noticable to fresh eyes or noses.  For example, we often don’t know our houses have an odor.   A buyer is going to walk in with a fresh nose and immediately notice any cat or dog odor.  And so will a professional stager.  It is difficult for us to take a step back and visualize the home from a buyer’s perspective; but it is the business of a professional stager to know exactly what a buyer is looking for in the current market and prepare your home for that broad market.

While you may sell your home quicker and for more money by going through a checklist of items to prepare for the sale of your home; a professional stager will hit every nook and cranny to make sure you get the absolute maximum return on your investment.  We offer a basic staging consultation with our listing package; but if it is in the budget you may see a higher return by using a professional stager.  Contact us today for a list of qualified professionals at or 1-800-859-5714 ext. 0. 


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