To Stage Tuesdays – Staging for the Holidays Part 2

I cannot believe what I saw the other day.  In a neighborhood in Winter Park, there is a house that is completely decorated for Thanksgiving.  The exterior is covered in orange lights (probably leftover from Halloween) and there is a gigantic inflatable turkey dressed in pilgrim gear.   It was a very nice home and it makes me think the family living there must be a lot of fun.  However, I wish I had taken a photo because it this is a perfect example of what not to do when you are trying to sell your house.  Thankfully they did not have a for sale sign in the yard!

 Wacky and Tacky Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Most people do not decorate the outside of their home for Thanksgiving so we’ll stick to basics for the inside during the upcoming holiday week.  Steer clear of decor made by your kids.  There are lots of arts and crafts going on at school; but remember when selling your home you want the house to feel neutral.  It should feel warm and inviting but the potential buyer wants to imagine their own things in the space and seeing Popsicle stick or pine cone turkeys adorning the dining room table isn’t the answer.

Try to use simple accessories such as orange, red, and yellow colored wreathes on doors.  Try a centerpiece of clear vases with a variety of autumnal fruits or gourds.  Try pears or cranberries in smaller vases like these beautiful glass hurricanes from Pottery Barn below.  Keep the decor minimal.

On top of staging the home appropriately, be flexible with your showings.  Many people are off of work for a few days during Thanksgiving.  This gives them time to see properties that they may not normally have during a busy work week.

Warn your visitors in advance that you may have to step out for showings or avoid holiday parties or guests at your house while you try to sell.  If you do accept showings be sure that your agent asks if the buyer is pre-approved for a loan.  If you are going to open up your home during the holiday season and take time out of your schedule, it’s only fair that it be for willing and able buyers only.

Contact us to learn more about how we pre-qualify buyers for our listings in Orlando and how we can help you with staging homes in Orlando at or 1-800-859-5714 ext. 0.

Image credit:
Wacky and Tacky Thanksgiving Centerpieces featured on Build Direct by Rob Jones
Aegean Hurricanes by Pottery Barn


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