Top 5 Reasons to Sell your Home this Fall


1.  Sell while the competition is still low.  We are currently in a seller’s market in Orlando.  A seller’s market is when we have low supply (number of homes) and high demand (number of buyers).   Currently there are only three months of inventory available.

2.  With high demand and low competition there is opportunity for multiple offers – meaning you have options and can negotiate the best offer for you and your family.  Low supply and high demand equals higher prices in a lot of cases.

3.  Get in before the market shifts again.  With prices increasing, many other homeowners just like you have been waiting out the market and will list their homes soon.  Since the market is improving many sellers will not want to be bothered during the holidays and plan to list in January.  If you choose to wait like so many others, that’s just more competition when selling your home.

4.  Florida weather in the fall is absolutely the best!  Cool temperatures and fall scents and decor make it a great time to show your home.   Show potential buyers how you entertain and host holiday gatherings by staging the house and setting up little vignettes with fall decor!

5.  Start the New Year fresh!  The average days on the market is about 67.  There is still time to list and sell your Downtown Orlando home before January 1st allowing you to start 2014 with one less headache!

Bonus reason:   The median price of homes sold in the Orlando area has increased almost 29% since last year!

So what are you waiting for?  More competition?

To list your home today call us at 407-494-2820 or complete this form for a FREE guide to selling this Fall!

Stats via Orlando Regional Realtor Association – August 2012 versus August 2013
Image credit:  Fall at two twenty one by Chefranden via Creative Commons 



  1. […] 1.  First things first, the Fall is a good time to list your home.  Many people may decide not to list during the holidays.  And that is good news for you because that means there is less competition!  Another perk for listing during the holiday season is that most buyers that are searching are as serious as you about moving.  (Also check out the 5 Reasons to sell your home this fall) […]

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