Who Says There’s Nothing to Do in Orlando: Cardboard Art Festival

Artists have transformed the normally mundane material of cardboard into art this weekend, filling the floor, walls and even ceiling of a Mills 50 District venue. TheDailyCity.com is organizing the Cardboard Art Festival at Say It Loud/The Orange Studio, 1121 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando Fl.

Last year’s show featured inventive, diverse uses for the medium, such as interactive sculptures and wearable art.

The event kicks off Friday, Jan. 24th with an opening DJ Dance Party from 7 to 11 p.m.. Tickets are $10. Cardboard Art Festival
Events continue as follows:

Jan 25th
Gallery Hours : 10AM – 4PM : $5
Cardboard Concert Series : 7PM – 11PM : $10

Jan 26tH
Kid’s Cardboard Camp : 10AM – 12PM : $1
SUPER JOY RIDERS After Party : 12PM -1PM : $0
Confectionfest : 6PM – 8PM : $40


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