Who Says There’s Nothing to Do In Orlando? – Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour

Have you ever been on one of Greenwood Cemetery’s Moonlight Walking Tours?  It is an absolute must for any self respecting Orlandoean.

Along this 2 hour, 4 mile walk you will visit approximately 100 grave sites, all of notable individuals from Orlando’s history.  Your tour guide, Don, managed the cemetery for 28 years before retiring a few months back but he still guides the tours.  He is quite witty if you ask us, and it’s obvious he loves our wonderful city.  There is some really great history behind Orlando, most of it we had no idea about and wouldn’t have known without going on this tour.

These tours are incredibly popular, tickets usually sell out within the first hour so be sure to set a reminder for yourself, dates and times are listed below.  Also, you will be walking for 2 hours so wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  Bring a bottle of water and a flashlight if you’d like but please be courteous and only point the flashlight at the ground when walking, you don’t want to blind your neighbors! And last, if possible try to stick around for a few minutes after and talk to Don, he has so many great stories and fun little facts he loves to share, and is more than happy to chat about the town we all call home, Orlando.

10/10 at 8pm– registration opens 9/26 – SOLD OUT

11/7 at 8pm – registration opens 10/24 at 9 a.m

12/5 at 8pm – registration opens 11/21 at 9 a.m

Greenwood Cemetery
1603 Greenwood St.


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