Go Local Wednesdays – Giving Back


This past weekend I, along with others volunteered to help Green Up Mills50. It was a chilly morning, and by chilly I mean COLD, 53 degrees!   But I bundled up, grabbed my bag of mulch and got to work with the other volunteers.  We spent a few hours trimming back palms, weeding and replanting planters along Mills Avenue, a little bit of work that made a lot of difference.  It is amazing how a few hours of volunteer work can really put a little pep in your step for the rest of the day!

Main Street Neighborhoods rely on volunteers, whether it be for beautifying the neighborhood,  running local events or even just getting the word out about other ways to help.   Below we’ve linked to each district website that has a volunteer section or we’ve listed their email so you can find out more about their volunteer opportunities.  Volunteering is the best way to give back to the community, it doesn’t cost you anything yet it makes a huge impact.

Have you volunteered recently?  Do you know of other ways to volunteer for the community?  Let us know!

Audubon Park Garden District : AudubonParkGardenDistrict@gmail.com

Church Street District:  info@churchstreetdistrict.com

Mills50 District:  director@mills50.org

College Park Partnership

Downtown South District

Ivanhoe Village District

Thornton Park District


Have you been thinking about buying or selling you home in one of the Main Street Neighborhoods?  Give us a call, (407) 494-2820.


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