Who Says There’s Nothing To Do In Orlando? – All about APGD

If you need me Saturday you can find me in Audubon Park Garden District.

I’ve always dreamt of having a garden to call my own.  Literally dreamt about it.  It goes something like this…Its Saturday morning, the sun is just starting to rise,  with coffee in hand I walk to my back door, slip on my gardening boots and hat, grab the hand woven basket that my mother made me and step out into the backyard to pick the ripest of fruits and veggies.  With a bountiful basket I head back inside where I spend the day preparing said bounty for the meals of the day.  That evening, surrounded by friends and family, we sit under the string lights of my patio, sharing stories and laughter with bellies full from what may have been the best meal I’ve ever prepared.   Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Here is the reality… Late Saturday morning, with coffee in hand I walk to my back door, throw on my flip flops, put my hair up in a pony tail and grab the 10 year old plastic strainer that I got from the dollar store. I walk onto my patio to find that the fruits and veggies I planted the week before have all died.  I cry.  I head to the farmers market to buy all of my fruits and veggies, I spend the day prepping the night’s meal and spend the evening on the patio with friends and family laughing over my black thumb.  That is the reality.   And that my friend is why I’ll be attending East End Market’s 7 Secrets to a Successful Spring Garden this weekend.   For $15 (plus tax) I will sit and listen to the owner, and chief gardner, John Rife discuss what makes him such an amazing gardener.  You can do the same, even if you have the greenest of thumbs I am sure you will walk away with some new tips and tricks!

Where:  East End Market

When:  Saturday January 17th from 9am-11am

Tickets:  Here


Afterwards I’m heading on down to Dear Prudence Shop, because there is nothing better than a little retail therapy after a few hours of getting your knowledge on.  It is their 15 year anniversary and are celebrating with 15% off everything in the store and 50% off all sterling!

Where: Dear Prudence Shop

When: Saturday January 17th from 10am-6pm

Tickets: You don’t need one because its FREE and they’ll have FREE local edibles too!


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