Go Local Wednesdays – Art Around Town

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Mills 50 truly is ‘The Intersection of Creativity and Culture’ . Over the past few years this area has really started to express its personality with the help of some really great local artists. Between the Dumpster Art Project, Murals and Art Box Project there is always something new popping up to catch your eye!

There are two new art projects in the works and both could use your contribution.  First is Bottle Cap Murals.   Eric Rollings, Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, has secured an artist who will create a mural from bottle caps.  Your contribution would be the bottle caps! If you’d like to help out you can contact Eric by phone: 407-256-2470 or you can also email the main street director for more details:  director@mills50.org.

Next is Operation Put a Bird On It!  Local artist Brendan O’Connor will create a bird house, using ceramic birds out of a now defunct traffic light located at the corner of Amelia and Mills.  Your contribution would be the birds, if you happen to have a ceramic bird or two lying around that you’d like to donate, please drop them off at Great Escape Frame & Art, 1207 N. Mills.

Everyone should love where they live! 


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