Monday Market Report – Do you have a Seller for our Buyer?

Listing inventory has been pretty sparse over the last few years in Orlando.  The lack of inventory is what caused the prices in the Orlando real estate market to go up by about 10% since March of last year.  The increasing values have given us some new listings.  In fact, the number of listings was on the rise last year with eight consecutive months of increases in the number of homes for sale. The improving values have helped people who have been waiting to sell finally gain the equity needed.

And, the number of home sales is extremely healthy as well.  At the end of March this year, the number of homes sales was 25% higher than last year!  This healthy market absorbs the listings at a very fast pace.

Orlando real estate market update

Our main issue is we still seem to have a lack of quality listings in the Downtown Orlando area.  What I mean by quality is – well priced and in good condition.  These listings are few and far between.

When they do come available there are multiple offers and competing buyers.   What we need for this summer in Downtown Orlando are some quality listings for our buyers.  Are you considering selling?  We probably have a buyer for your home!!

Contact us today at 407-494-2820 or

*Stats and infographic via Orlando Regional Realtor Association – click image to see entire market infographic


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