Go Local Wednesday – The Coop

The coop

Being a Texas native, I am an avid southern food lover.  One of my first lunches in Downtown Orlando, I found this counter-style restaurant and was instantly in love.  The founder of 4Rivers Smokehouse, a fantastic BBQ restaurant, set out to create a restaurant with passed down recipes and using seasonal ingredients.  Their signature dish – fried chicken!  Doesn’t get much better than fried chicken in my world.

As I stood in line, it’s nearly impossible to pick exactly what I wanted.  It all looks and smells divine.  I decided to go traditional and have the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and fried okra.  All of it was so amazing!  Rarely do I clean my plate but this meal was too good to go to waste.

I also really enjoyed the seating arrangements.  You feel like you’re sitting at grandma’s table, because you are.  The restaurant is full of mismatched dining room tables and chairs, giving you that “come in and stay awhile” feel.

If you haven’t tried this fantastic location, you have to put it on your to do list!

Image Credit: 10 Best


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