Go Local Wednesday – Lake Eola

LE 3
Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of news articles about “The City Beautiful’s” iconic Lake Eola.  City hall is currently hashing out whether they will allow development on the southwest corner of Lake Eola Park.  Many residents and critics don’t want the new residential tower, which might impede the view and splendor of such a beautiful area in Downtown Orlando.

Did you know that Lake Eola is actually a huge sinkhole?  Neither did I!  At its deepest place it is 80 ft.  Lake Eola plays host to many local events, including the weekly Lake Eola Farmer’s Market on Sundays and the annual Fourth of July Fireworks at the Fountain, just to name a few.  On the east side of Lake Eola is a park which houses a playground for the little ones, a historical monument and a Chinese Pagoda.

The park site was originally donated to the city by wealthy Orlandoan Jacob Summerlin.  His only stipulations were that the gifted area be beautified and turned into a park.  As part of the deal he put in a reverter clause that states if the area around Lake Eola wasn’t beautified, turned into a park and maintained by the city, his heirs could reclaim the land.

For locals and visitors Lake Eola is truly a gem in our large metropolis.  A picture of authentic Florida beauty.  Go to the farmer’s market, attend one of the events held throughout the year, whatever you do – Go!  Be a local at Lake Eola.

Image Credit: Patrick Fatica


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