Go Local Wednesday – Orchid Cleaners


Last week we attended the inaugural “Hump Day Happy Hour” hosted by the Mills 50 business district.  It was a wonderful event showcasing 12 unique locations along Mills Avenue.  One of those locations was Orchid Cleaners.  The current owners have been operating the location since May but the building has been there for many years.  When they first took over, they painstakingly went to work to create an inviting and clean location.  Their sign was actually done by a local area artist, adding to their local charm!  They also have another location in Lake Mary.  Both the Mills Ave and Lake Mary locations are processed in the building and they could even support more locations out of this one shop.


Upon walking into the welcoming lobby you are immediately aware of the passion they have for dry cleaning.  We learned from Daniel that the process of dry cleaning is one that takes time, patience and persistence.  Instead of water, that can be harmful to many fabrics, the process of dry cleaning uses a solvent solution that is filtered through two separate filtration systems to ensure it is clear of all impurities.  The solvent works to remove stains gently.  Then the garments are taken from the machine and inspected for any lingering stains or imperfections, which are immediately addressed.


Then the products are pressed, giving you those nice pleats in your pants and shirts.  You can tell they truly take loving care with each and every piece, giving it their unwavering attention.


Finally the items make it to Max, who carefully bags and tags your items together, and they await your pick up.  The whole process can take up to 48 hours to complete.  Of course, if you’re in a pickle and need something quickly Daniel and his team are more than happy to help you out!

It is rare to find people who are so passionate about their business. As Daniel said “Providing great customer service without a doubt is our top priority along with very clean clothes of course!”   Go and meet Daniel & Max, I know that you will agree they are top-notch.


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