Go Local – GiGi’s Cupcakes


I don’t know about you, but nothing motivates me more than sugary sweets.  Especially cupcakes!  There are no better cupcakes in downtown Orlando than GiGi’s cupcakes!

GiGi’s is located in the Colonial Plaza Marketcenter, at the corner of Bumby and Colonial.  The location is adorable, decorated in pink and dark brown.  They offer mini and standard size cupcakes in so many flavors it will make your head spin.  And with their rewards club, the more you buy the more you save!

I will be treating myself this Friday with a birthday cupcake!  You should go local too at GiGi’s Cupcakes.  Have you been before?  What’s your favorite flavor?

Image Credit: al.com


About Kayla

I am the Executive Administrative Assistant for the ThinkLiveBe Property Team. Coming from a military family I've been lucky enough to live in every corner of America, I've been in Central Orlando for the last 4 years and have loved every minute of finally stabilizing my roots and having a community to call home! My background is Medical and Hospitality, so customer service is one of my strongest suits. I enjoy sharing ideas, shining light on local markets and creative things to do in Our City Beautiful!
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