Go Local – Lake Catherine Blueberries


As we enter February, the number one thing on my mind is strawberries!  But like many, I’m not a huge fan of fighting the crowds or traffic to make it down to Plant City for their annual Strawberry Festival.  For those like me, we’re in luck!  Local family farm, Lake Catherine Blueberries, in Groveland will have u-pick strawberries this year and you won’t have to break your back to pick them either!

Lake Catherine Blueberries, has been a local family farm for over 100 years.  They’ve long been known for their delicious blueberries and thornless blackberries, which come into season between April and May.  After customers kept asking for more options to pick, the family decided to try their hand at strawberries.  Unlike the strawberry farms in other parts of the state, the Lake Catherine Blueberries farm will offer strawberries in elevated troughs to alleviate the bending it can take to pick your berries.

While you’re at the farm make sure to stop by Ava Grace’s Country Store.  They make all kinds of delectable jams, baked goods, syrups and sauces.  They also have a line of Blueberry spa products like lotions, scrubs and soaps.

The farm is open seasonally so make sure to check the Lake Catherine Blueberries Facebook page for dates and times.

Image Credit: Lake Catherine Blueberries facebook page


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