Who Says There’s Nothing To Do In Orlando – Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday means different things to different people.  For some it means the end of the season.  The culmination of the two best teams in the nation going head to head in the ultimate battle of skill and strength.  For others, it means the end of your husband hijacking the remote and making you watch NFL live, instead of just one game at a time, so he can keep up with his fantasy player stats all Sunday.  I won’t tell you which side I fall on!

This year will be especially exciting as the Denver Broncos, with the oldest quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, challenge the Carolina Panthers, with the youngest quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, Cam Newton.  Both are fantastic players, which should make for a good game!

One thing I love about Super Bowl Sunday, is the food, drinks, fun and parties!  There will be Super Bowl viewing parties around town.  One of the biggest is the Super Bowl Party at Wall Street Plaza in Downtown Orlando.  They will have a large 16′ LED TV on the plaza or there will be seating in the 7 bar locations too!  The Party starts at 4PM with great drink specials throughout the game!  Remember, this party is 21 and up.

There are lots of local bars in the area that will also offer the game and specials.  Some locations offer packages that include a table, food, drinks and more.  Click here for some suggestions.

Regardless of where you watch, remember “Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive” and Go BRONCOS!

Image Credit: TheOnion.com


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