Go Local Wednesday – Orange County Animal Services

ocasI am a HUGE animal lover!  If I could live on a farm and be surrounded by nothing but animals I would be so happy.  Animals, for me, are precious.  My dogs have been my fur-babies, my best friends, and my favorite comedians.  My husband’s cat is a source of pure amusement.  She attacks from out of nowhere at your toes and loves strings, plastic bags and her chirping bird (which the dogs are always trying to steal).  Our pets are special and I love to come home to them!

If you and your family have been thinking about expanding your heart and home by adopting a pet, April is your month!  Orange County Animal Services is waiving the adoption fee for the whole month of April, making it even easier to find your furry friend!  There are over 200 pets who are waiting for you to come and rescue them.  By adopting from OCAS you can change their life and yours too.

Save a life today!  Adopt your next pet.  I promise, no one will ever greet you at the door with more love than a dog or cat, who’s been waiting just for you!

For more information about OCAS and their adoption process, click here.

Image Credit: www.orlandocanineconnections.com


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