Go Local Wednesday – Pulse Nightclub Victim Support


As a Orlandoan, I have been deeply and profoundly affected by the events of Sunday morning.  As I’m sure many of you have been, as well.  As we begin to heal as a city and a community, I have been searching my soul for ways to offer assistance to those who have been affected by this tragedy.  I would recommend checking out this list of all services available from Orlando Weekly.  There are many ways to help, this is just a snap shot.

There are multiple GoFundMe pages, Pulse Victims Fund and the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund, that have been set up for the victims and their families.  You can, and should if you are able, give blood at OneBlood.  There is a specific need now and in the future for O+, O- and AB plasma.  It is highly recommended you go online and set up an appointment for later this week or next week.  You can also volunteer with the city.

Or you can eat at local eateries!  The Hammered Lamb is hosting a Pulse Employee Fundraiser tonight from 4-8P.  10% of the bar sales, 100% of Tito’s Vodka sales, and 100% of 44 North Huckleberry sales will go directly to the staff of the Pulse Nightclub, who are without a job at the moment.  They will also be taking additional donations.  KrungTherp Tea Time will be giving all profits to the GoFundMe account set up by Equality Florida until Friday.  Sus Hi Eatstation will be donating 100% of their profits from both their UCF and Altamonte Springs locations through Saturday to the Pulse Victims Fund created by Equality Florida.  Pincho Factory will also be donating 15% of all sales from this  week to support the victims from now through Sunday.

Whatever your heart is calling you to do, it will help not only those who were affected but all of us.  We are one community, a City Beautiful.  One love, and Orlando United.


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