Go Local Wednesday – Camping World Stadium


Camping World Stadium, the old Citrus Bowl, went through a very extensive renovation last year and came out all shiny and new.  My husband recently went to the newly renovated stadium for an Orlando City Soccer game.  He and his friend were thoroughly impressed with the improvements!  They said the seats were great, and it felt easier to maneuver around.  They walked around to check out the various vendors and got a chance to see the game from lots of different angles.

What’s better?  With the NFL getting ready to start back up, the new Camping World Stadium will be hosting some preseason games like the Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons and the much anticipated All Star Game in January 2017.

If you haven’t made it out to the Camping World Stadium I’m sure there is an event coming up that might interest you!  Check out the full lineup here.

Image Credit: SpaceCoastDaily.com


About Kayla

I am the Executive Administrative Assistant for the ThinkLiveBe Property Team. Coming from a military family I've been lucky enough to live in every corner of America, I've been in Central Orlando for the last 4 years and have loved every minute of finally stabilizing my roots and having a community to call home! My background is Medical and Hospitality, so customer service is one of my strongest suits. I enjoy sharing ideas, shining light on local markets and creative things to do in Our City Beautiful!
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