Go Local Wednesday – Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar

DonJulioTacosThinking about Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar makes me excited dinner time is near so I can enjoy all of the delicious Mexican food this restaurant offers. Don Julio is my go-to restaurant for dates, family gatherings, and the arrival of weekends.

Don Julio Mexican Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in the East Orlando area. It can get busy during peak hours, but the wait is worth it! I have tried their nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, but I still want to try all of their other dishes! The Don Julio menu is a fraction of what makes this restaurant so great; the plate presentation is wonderful, chips and salsa are always provided before the entree, and the drinks hit the spot after a long work week!

They sometimes offer free drinks for all of their guests, and the DJ alternates music based on genre and decades, so I never know what to expect walking in! Nevertheless, it is always an enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend Don Julio Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar to everyone in the Central Florida community!

Image Credit: Don Julio Mexican Grill Website

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