Monday Market Report – Need to sell your home before the end of the year? You need to read this!

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners may want or really need to sell before the end of the year.  Maybe you need to sell for tax purposes.  Maybe it’s a good time to move while the kids have some time off from school.  Maybe you just want to move when it’s actually cool outside so you don’t sweat to death!  Or maybe you see the benefit in selling while the market is hot and there is less competition, as I explained in last week’s blog post.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell now, you need to understand that to close by December 31st you need to be listing your home NOW! 

stop watch.jpg

The average days on the market in the Orlando area is about 55 – 60 days.  That does not include the time it takes to close the transaction.  A financed transaction takes on average about 45 days.  It can be done in 30 days with some lenders, but with two major holidays between now and Dec. 31st you should expect delays.  On top of the holiday delays there is usually an increased number of closings in December with people much like yourself that really want or need to sell before the end of the year.  That rush to the finish line can cause delays or extensions.

If you want to close by the end of the year, my recommendation is to list as soon as possible.  If you go beyond November 1st and do not have your home on the market it is less likely you will be able to close as planned.  There are some scenarios where you could still close on time.  1) You get an offer quickly or 2) You get a cash offer

Both of those would be great, but since the holiday season is already a little stressful why not give yourself a little breathing room?!  If you’re interested in selling your home in the next few months call me today at 407-494-2820 or email me at to get started with your move!


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