Go Local Wednesday – Porch Therapy

Over the holiday season I wanted to buy special gifts for a couple of our clients and was directed to Porch Therapy 99 Market.  I had never been to the East End Market but had heard lots of great shops and vendors, and the rumors weren’t false!  Porch Therapy has their succulents, floral arrangements, terrarium kits, and plants greet you first in the open air sitting area and extend into their market space.

I was quickly overwhelmed by the many pieces and all the plants, but the attendant was so incredibly helpful at directing me to already put together planters or showed me how to create my own.  I chose to create my own so I could put our unique touch and picked all the succulents I wanted and placed them into a beautiful low profile vase.  After I was done the attendant took the time to pack the vase with moss to create a seamless planter.  In the end, it was pretty stunning!  I was also able to pick up a hanging plant that was really unique and in a neat holder.

I would recommend this shop for gifts or for yourself.  There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to pull away from the real world, put on your creative cap and make something unique, beautiful and all about you!  Plus, if you don’t have the time, you can special order items and let their talented team create something one of a kind just for you!

Plant some roots this spring and head over to Porch Therapy 99 Market!

Image Credit: PorchTherapy.com



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